Maybe install some of your mods?

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Re: Maybe install some of your mods?

Beitrag von BamBam » Do 25. Mär 2021, 12:16

Hi wolfstrike
Yes, many of the mods can be installed. Not all of them, though. Some mods are already no longer available. For example, the Yokozuna Mod is no longer available. Mods can only be used with the PC version of the game. The files are integrated externally into the file structure of the Game.

There are really a lot of good Modding Tutorials in English. You can also find Support on these Pages:
Modding Wiki:
Modding Support: ... n-support/
Here is a English Video Tutorial of WWE 2K Modz:
Here another English Video Tutorial of SquaredCircle:

Maybe install some of your mods?

Beitrag von wolfstrike28 » So 14. Mär 2021, 01:07


Is there anyway we can maybe install some of the awesome mods you use for your videos? Your Hart Foundation and Yokozuna mods stood out to me. But it's no where to install them!

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